Customized Therapeutic Massage


I think we can all agree that people are different, and the way each of us feels from day to day changes. I always take this into account, and tailor your massage session to you. Unless you specifically ask for the same style/type/sequence of techniques to be used each time you see me, you'll probably find that each massage you receive will be a little different from the last.

At your first session, you'll be asked to complete a basic medical history form and we'll talk a bit about you, your general health and lifestyle and what sort of results you're hoping for from your massage. I'll draw on my training and experience to choose techniques that I believe will be effective and appropriate, and I'll count on you to provide honest feedback about what feels most helpful. It's an ongoing dialog and a process we'll work on together as massage therapist and client. It's all about getting you the best results in the time we have together. I price based on the amount of time I reserve for you, not the specific techniques I use throughout your treatment.

Service Rates


30 Minutes          $55

60 Minutes          $85

90 Minutes          $115