Hi, I'm Jill, a RI licensed massage therapist.  I began my career as an LMT in 2003, graduating from the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, MA. As with most things, time and experience have changed a lot about the way I approach massage therapy. I've learned that more is not always better, that I prefer not to work with my clients to the point of pain, and that my treatments should be less about forcefully manipulating soft tissue (muscles, fascia) and more about providing novel stimulation to the nervous system to promote change. I'm continuously seeking new information to help make my massage treatments more effective (I like to read about things like neuroscience and pain science for manual therapists). My goal is to provide results oriented therapeutic massage that is both deeply healing and profoundly relaxing.  

Another thing I do is hand make award winning botanical body care products and natural perfumes for Curious Nature Apothecary, LLC, a business I co-founded with my best friend in 2014.  Visit curiousnatureapothecary.com for more information.